Via Dinarica HR-B-04 Grobničke Alpe

Grobničke Alpe

Via Dinarica HR-B-04

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On the littoral side, the massif of Obruč rises above the field of Grobničko polje. The mountain is characterized by beautiful meadows, grasslands and rocky peaks. Almost all peaks offer wide views of the area of the Croatian Littoral, the mountain of Učka and the region of Gorski kotar. Hikers frequently refer to this series of peaks as Grobničke Alpe (the Grobnik Alps), since these white rocky peaks truly resemble their Alpine counterparts. The flora in the area is unusually rich and interesting, given the mix of the Mediterranean and continental climate influences.
The westernmost part of the Gorski kotar area, descending towards the sea in this area, consists of a complex series of peaks. Two peak series following the layout of the Dinarides are particularly interesting. The western series of peaks is higher, and it includes the peaks of Trstenik, Štulac, Obruč and Fratar. The eastern series of peaks is lower and longer, and it consists of the peaks of Sleme, Grleš, Gornik, Crni vrh, (littoral) Klek, Kuk, Bela Peša and Jasenovica.
From Kastav near Matulji, there is a marked path leading northwards towards Klana. The route leads across the Zvirić ranch, next to the cave Šparožna jama, across Mačkov vrh and Skalnica to Klana. The tour takes 5 hours of hiking. The settlement of Klana is a portal into the mountainous world of the so-called Grobnik Alps. From Studena, which is located one kilometer southeast of Matulji, a marked path first leads us to Limes (remains of a fortified Roman border), without major climbs. The path then gradually starts getting more and more steep, taking us towards Obruč. The markings of the Rijeka Hiking Tour (Riječka obilaznica, RO) leading towards Obruč begin on the road between Studena and Klana, 1 kilometer away from Klana and 200 meters away from the church of St. Nicholas. As we reach the hay meadow Ravno along the path, to the left we can see the remains of the Roman wall (Limes) from the 3rd and the 4th century (596 m.a.s.l.). After Limes, the path branches. To the left, there is a direct climb to the peak of Obruč. To the right, we see a trail taking us to the area of Planina and to the mountain pass Vrh Planine. Once there, we come across the descending markings from Obruč to our left, and there is a path leading to Podkilavac to our right. The climb from Studena to Obruč takes approximately 4 hours. In the area of Obruč (1 hour and a half of hiking from the peak), there is a nicely decorated mountain lodge Hahlić.

  • Matulji
  • Kastav
  • Klana
  • Roman Limes
  • Peak of Obruč
  • Mountain lodge Hahlić

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