Via Dinarica HR-B-11 Ravni kotari

Ravni kotari

Via Dinarica HR-B-11

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The area of Ravni kotari is a wide plain in central Dalmatia, spanning from Bukovica, Benkovac and Novigradsko more to the northeast, to a thin coastal belt between Zadar and Skradin (estuary of the Krka River) to the southwest; i.e. from the hinterland of Zadar in the west to the hinterland of Skradin in the east. This area is the most fertile part of the littoral Dalmatian region. The administrative center of Ravni kotari is Benkovac as the only settlement in the area with the status of a city, located on the eastern edge of Ravni kotari. The highest point of the area is the peak called Standardac, at 305 meters above sea level. A stone fragment from the year 879 with the inscribed name of Croatian Duke Branimir was found in Šopot, as one of the oldest written monuments of Croatian culture. The stone gable inscription is the oldest document containing the mention of the name Croat.
Via Dinarica follows the road from Karin towards Benkovac and Šopot, and then descends towards Vransko Lake. There are no dedicated walking trails available in this section of the route; instead, hikers can only walk along the road, so cycling is the recommended touring mode for visitors here.
Parallel to the coastal Adriatic area of Ravni kotari spreads the remarkably indented and picturesque archipelago of Kornati, protected as a national park. The Kornati National Park is not part of the Via Dinarica route, since it does not have a longitudinal trail that would be suitable for walking, hiking or cycling tours; however, we highly recommend a boat excursion to this attractive area nonetheless. The key starting point for a visit to the Kornati National Park is the settlement of Murter on the island of the same name. This settlement is 14 kilometers away from the section of the Adriatic Highway south of Vransko Lake, which is part of the route of the Via Dinarica Blue Line.

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