Via Dinarica HR-B-14 Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

Via Dinarica HR-B-14

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The coastal area between the cities of Šibenik and Split is gentle and mildly undulating, with peaks up to 700 meters above sea level. The relief of the area includes several series of elevations parallel to the sea coast. One such elevation can be found in the area Orlice – Boraja – Vilaja. The other elevation, northeast of the locality of Dubravsko-biranjsko udubljenje, is the hill of Trtar. An interesting relief phenomenon is also the nearby canyon of the Krka River, cut deeply into an arid plateau and representing a genuine karst oasis. With the exception of the Krka canyon, the entire Šibenik area is characterized by scarce, typically Mediterranean vegetation. Hills are predominantly covered in macchia and offer wonderful views.
The hill of Trtar is located above the Krka canyon, with two similarly high peaks: Krtolin and Orlovača. The peak area of the hill is also the site of 14 huge wind turbines of the wind power plant Trtar–Krtolin, supplying the city of Šibenik and its surroundings with power. In ancient history, Trtar and the area around it were vine-growing areas, and wine known as Tartar was considered the best wine in Dalmatia. However, not a trace remains of these ancient vineyards today.
From Trtar, the Via Dinarica route proceeds to the mountain of Boraja and continues towards Opor and Labištica. Boraja is higher than Trtar, and it offers wonderful views along its elongated ridge 15 kilometers long. Towards the south, after Boraja, we come across a slightly higher mountain called Vilaja. Already in the first encounter with this mountain, we can see its specific relief characteristics: low karst surfaces and dry valleys interspersed with littoral macchia and scarce, degraded forest. From Boraja onwards, the route continues southwards to the hills of Labištica and Opor, and to the mountain of Kozjak, by following the route of the historical Dalmatia Hiking Trail.

  • Trtar
  • Boraja
  • Labinštica (Labin Dalmatinski)
  • Opor
  • Vilaja
  • Malačka

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