Via Dinarica HR-B-17 Cetina River

Cetina River

Via Dinarica HR-B-17

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The Cetina River is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers. It represents a key feature of the entire area in the narrow central land region of Dalmatia between the slopes of Dinara and the coastal belt. The river commences its path 105 kilometers long towards the Adriatic below the slopes of Dinara, at 385 meters above sea level, and completes the voyage with a spectacularly cut passage between the steep rocks of Omiška Dinara and Poljička planina. These two mountains once represented a single massif, but they ended up separated by the Cetina River as it created its path to the sea. From the canyon of the Cetina River, Omiška Dinara spreads towards the southeast as a mighty and huge stone massif with steep sides, connecting with the northwestern edges of the mountain of Biokovo. In the hinterland, we come across the vertical rocks of the Cetina canyon, with a road squeezed at the base of the canyon, leading next to beautiful cascades at the site of Radmanove mlinice. On an isolated site on a vertical rock above Cetina and Omiš, we can see the barely accessible medieval hill fort Fortica. Below it, immediately above the houses of the town of Omiš, there is a smaller fortress called Mirabela. Omiška Dinara is 15 kilometers long, and its highest peak is called Imber or Kula (863 m.a.s.l.).
After the hilly sections along the mountains of Kozjak and Mosor, Via Dinarica descends from the peaks of Mosor to the sea level and to the Cetina River. Crossing to the southern bank of the river, the route than takes us uphill along the river, through the hinterland of Omiška Dinara, and then uphill towards the beginning of Biokovo (above the cove of Vruja). The canyon of the Cetina River is home to the best known excursion sites of this area – Radmanove mlinice and Kaštil Slanica. Water mills along the Cetina River were mentioned in historical records as early as in the 17th century. The picturesque river canyon is best explored in a joy of rafting. A zipline experience of crossing the river is also bound to provide an adrenaline boost. The zipline is located 3 kilometers away from Omiš, and it consists of 8 lines 2100 meters long in total.

  • Omiš
  • (Omiška Dinara)
  • Cetina River, Radmanove mlinice
  • Gornja Brela

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