Via Dinarica HR-B-18 Biokovo Nature Park

Biokovo Nature Park

Via Dinarica HR-B-18

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Nowhere else has the gigantic mountain chain of the Dinarides approached the sea so close, or created an image as exciting and impressive, as in the area of the Makarska riviera. The view from the sea of the imposing wall of Biokovo with its rocks, talus deposits, cracks and towers is the key feature of this part of the Adriatic coast, and a compulsory vista on all postcards of the riviera.
The Makarska riviera is a coastal belt in central Dalmatia, between the cove of Vruja to the northwest and Cape Višnjica at Ploče to the southeast. This area, approximately 60 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, is separated from the hinterland by the mountains of Biokovo and Rilić. Although it is lower and quite separated from the central part of Biokovo, the mountain of Rilić can nevertheless be considered a southeastern part of Biokovo. Due to its unique shape, significance and natural wealth, the entire mountain of Biokovo is protected as a nature park.
When it comes to hiking, it is important to point out that all climbs are long and hard, mostly exposed to sun, so climbing campaigns should start at early dawn. It is also important to note that climbs in unfavorable weather conditions (fog, bora wind, snow) should definitely be avoided due to difficult terrain. If you are preparing to visit Biokovo, do not forget that a one-day summer tour of the mountain requires at least 3 to 5 liters of fluid. In hiking along Biokovo, it is necessary to use a map, since wandering can be deadly. As a warning, let us also mention that Biokovo is the mountain with the highest number of recorded accidents. The reason is that many tourists, including hikers, go to the mountain with insufficient drinking water supplies and inappropriately equipped, underestimating the length and the demanding nature of climbs exposed to the sun, as well as dangers that can stem from aimless wandering through karst terrain that is quite challenging in terms of orientation.
Via Dinarica crosses Biokovo by fully following the Biokovo Hiking Trail (Biokovska planinarska staza, BPS). The trail begins from the presentation center of the Biokovo Nature Park in Gornja Brela. A longitudinal tour of this trail is an extraordinarily interesting, but also a very demanding hiking adventure, and crossing the entire section »in one go« is also colloquially known as the »Biokovo Wolf«. The section of Via Dinarica leading across Biokovo is the most demanding section of the Blue Line, as it takes hikers through uninhabited area and along very difficult terrain.

  • Gornja Brela, Presentation Center of the Biokovo Nature Park
  • Bukovac
  • Šćirovac / Miletnjak
  • Sveti Ilija
  • Mountain hut Slobodan Ravlić at Lokva
  • Vošac
  • (Sveti Jure)
  • Ravna vlaška
  • Kimet
  • Mountain pass Staza
  • Kozica

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