Via Dinarica HR-B-21 Island of Mljet

Island of Mljet

Via Dinarica HR-B-21

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Mljet is one of the largest islands in the southern area of Dalmatia, and eighth largest island in the Adriatic. The island is mostly hilly and covered in dense vegetation with over 70% of pine forest. The highest peak of Mljet, called Velji grad or Veliki grad, is located in the central part of the island, above the central settlement of the island called Babino Polje. In this part of the island, the most interesting site is a cave where Homer“s hero Odysseus once lived according to legend. There are also interesting remains of Roman palaces on the island, and duke“s residence in Babino polje dates back to the medieval times.
The western part of the island is protected as a national park. It is equipped with tourist infrastructure and has a network of clearly marked trails, offering plenty of opportunities for amazing walks. The marine »lakes« of Veliko jezero (Great Lake) and Malo jezero (Small Lake) are the key natural values of the national park. Malo jezero is linked with Veliko jezero, and Veliko jezero is linked with the open sea via the narrow channel of Solinski kanal. On Veliko jezero, one can visit the island of St. Mary“s with the Benedictine monastery from the 12th century.
The Mljet section of Via Dinarica fully overlaps with the route of the Mljet Hiking Trail that links Sobra in the central part of the island and Pomena in the far western part of Mljet. The direction of Via Dinarica on the island of Mljet is opposite to the usual direction of the route, since this is the more logical approach due to the infrastructure on the island and boat transfer opportunities. A tour of the Mljet Hiking Trail and of the island requires at least two days. The route takes hikers to the peak of Veliki grad, to several blatine (autochthonous water reservoirs on the island) and several other peaks in the Mljet National Park, and it also includes a walking tour of Veliko jezero. Via Dinarica then proceeds to Dubrovnik by boat transfer (available during the summer months) from the port of Polače.

  • Sobra (otok Mljet)
  • Mljet National Park
  • Pomena
  • Polače (boat transfer to Dubrovnik)

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