Via Dinarica HR-G-03 Along Karolina Road from Ravna Gora to Vrbovsko

Along Karolina Road from Ravna Gora to Vrbovsko

Via Dinarica HR-G-03

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This stage of the Green Line, leading from Ravna Gora to Vrbovsko, follows the old Karolina Road (for 15 kilometers). The Karolina Road once represented a crucial transport link; today, it is one of the most beautiful Croatian panoramic roads. Interesting landscapes of the areas of Ravna Gora and Vrbovsko guarantee a pleasant tour. The original Karolina Road was 106 kilometers long, and it connected the city of Karlovac with the bay of Bakar, and later with the port at Sušak, part of the city of Rijeka. It was named after Emperor Charles VI. The construction of the road began in 1726, and it lasted for ten years. Since the road was built at minimal cost, it was not suitable for the transport of heavy cargo due to the relief of the area, and it therefore did not fulfill the main purpose – linking the Adriatic with the interior of the Monarchy at lowest cost. Therefore, the construction of a new and better road called Louisiana began soon after the completion of the Karolina Road.
Since this section of the Green Line fully follows the road, it is best to pass it by cycling. From the center of Ravna Gora, the road mildly ascends. After that, from Stara Sušica onwards (7 kilometers away from Ravna Gora), follows a long descent through the villages of Jablan and Senjsko towards Vrbovsko (8 kilometers). The highest elevation of this route stage is 850 meters above sea level, and the lowest elevation is Vrbovsko, at 390 m.a.s.l.

  • Ravna Gora
  • Sušica
  • Vrbovsko

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