Via Dinarica HR-G-05 Klek – Ogulin – Modruš

Klek – Ogulin – Modruš

Via Dinarica HR-G-05

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Klek is an imposing mountain at the eastern edge of Velika Kapela, above the city of Ogulin. Even though Klek is neither high nor large in surface, it is nevertheless one of the most attractive and the most popular hiking destinations in Croatia. Its ridge 3 to 4 kilometers long is characterized by steep sides, and extends in the northwest to southeast direction. The slopes of Klek are covered in forest from the base of the mountain to the elevation of 1000 meters, with several large meadows at the base. However, regardless of the route of approach to Klek, the attention of visitors will primarily be drawn by the 200 meters tall rocky head of the mountain. The rocks at the top are partially vertical, or even hanging, so Klek is also a popular rock climbing destination. When observed from the south, Klek resembles a sleeping giant – the rocks of Klečice his feet, and the peak rock his head. Klek and Ogulin have played an important role in the history of mountaineering and rock climbing in Croatia.
From the mountain lodge at Klek, there is an attractive route available for a climb to the peak of Klek. This route represents a genuine alpine experience; however, it can also get dangerous when the rocks are slippery. A hiking trail to the rocky area of Klečice is equally interesting. The markings end below the rocks of Klečice, and the climb up the rocks is possible only for experienced climbers.
Between Klek and Ogulin, there is a very beautiful and well marked hiking trail, taking 3 hours of hiking to get to the Dobra River in the center of Ogulin. Starting from the Klek mountain lodge, it takes 15 minutes of hiking to reach a spot where there is a trail branching to the left and leading towards Ogulin. We take this branch to steeply descend to wonderful meadows offering views of the rocky head of Klek. Passing next to the hill of Sovenica, the markings descend to the road Ogulin – Bjelsko – Jasenak. This is where we pass through the area of a neglected sport and recreation center Kneja and continue further across beautiful meadows and forest sections, as we descend to the village of Vučići. In continuation of the route, the markings follow the road that runs parallel to the course of the Dobra River to the center of the city of Ogulin.

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