Via Dinarica HR-W-21 Promina – optional White Line route

Promina – optional White Line route

Via Dinarica HR-W-21

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In a spacious area along the Krka River west of Knin, there is an interesting mountain called Promina. The Promina branch of the Via Dinarica White Line enables us to get acquainted with the central course of the Krka River and with the mountain of Promina. We cross over the picturesque peak called Kijevski Bat towards Kijevo, where we reconnect with the central route of the trail.
The Promina branch begins with a road branching from the main Gračac – Knin road (leading towards Benkovac, Zadar and Kistanje). After 11 kilometers to the south, we come across a road branch leading towards Oklaj and Drniš. We take this road to descend to the attractive canyon of the Krka River, cross the river over a series of several bridges, and then we climb to the plateau again along a winding route, before we continue further along that road towards Drniš.
The road and the marked hiking trail towards the mountain lodge at Promina begins in the village of Lišnjak on the southwestern side of the mountain, on the road towards Drniš. It takes 2 hours of climbing to get from Lišnjak to Promina mountain lodge.
Promina is a relatively small and solitary mountain, resembling an island on the plateau of Skradin and Kistanje. Even though it belongs to the Dinaric limestone mountainous area, its rocks have a special composition, known as Promina layers in geology. Plant and animal fossils in marly soils of Promina have been attracting major interest of scientists for quite a long time. Promina is the only Dalmatian mountain rich in ores. Old coal mines are depleted today; however, bauxite has been found even near the peak. In ancient times, the town of Promona once existed on the slopes of the mountain, as the most important fortification of the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians. In the northwestern foothills of Promina near Oklaj, there are valuable remains from the Roman times, but archaeologically most important are numerous findings stemming from the initial period of the Croatian state, e.g. Diocese with five churches, or the endowment of Duke Muncimir from 895 in Uzdolje. During the Homeland War, the peak area of Promina was also affected. Therefore, hikers who decide to go for the peak are recommended to use exclusively the road, as it represents the only fully safe route.
From Promina, we take a marked trail to descend to Siverić, where there is a railway station. The road across the field leads through the village of Parčić towards Vrlika, gradually ascending along grassland terrain to the mountain pass at the mountain of Kozjak at Kijevo. From the pass, it is easy to find the way to the peak of Kijevski Bat, which offers an excellent view of the mountain of Dinara. From the peak of Kozjak, the marked trail descends to Kijevo. From there, it is easy to get to the source of the Cetina River by taking the road across the field, thus reconnecting with the main route of the Via Dinarica White Line.
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