Via Dinarica HR-W-26 Source of the Cetina River – Peruča – Sinjsko polje

Source of the Cetina River – Peruča – Sinjsko polje

Via Dinarica HR-W-26

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The area of the Cetina River – the longest river flowing only in the territory of Croatia without either crossing or serving as a state border – represents a genuine treasure trove of historical and cultural heritage. The river has several sources. Already at the main source – the largest source in the village of Cetina – there are two valuable historical church monuments: ancient Croatian church of the Holy Salvation with the largest ancient burial ground in the country, and an Orthodox Christian chapel, an endowment of one family, located above the lake that represents the source of the river. On its path to the sea, the Cetina River flows under intriguing old stone bridges; powers ancient mill wheels and turbines of hydroelectric plants Peruča, Orlovac, Đale, Kraljevac and Zakučac; flows into the largest artificial lake in Croatia, filling it with water; finds its way between the rocks, creating impressive canyons; finally, the river enters the magnificent area between the steep vertical cliffs near the city of Omiš, concluding its flow by entering the sea. This particular trail section enables hikers to get acquainted with the Cetina River in its source area and in the area along the lake of Peruča.
The region of Cetinska krajina is known for various historical events from the times of fights against the Ottoman Empire, for the heroism of its inhabitants, but also for the strong tendency of its people to cherish the memory of turbulent past of their grandfathers and ancestors.
On the way from Glavaš to the source of the Cetina River, there are no hiking trail markings. However, the route takes us along a field, and orientation is not difficult. We reach the source of the Cetina River in one hour and thirty minutes of hiking. In continuation of this trail section, the White Line of Via Dinarica follows the course of the Cetina River downstream, along the shores of the Peruča Lake, to the edge of the field of Sinjsko polje. A more demanding hiking alternative is available too, by hiking across Troglav. However, this mountaineering option entails challenges such as finding overnight accommodation facilities or supplies, and water shortage is an issue as well. In addition, orientation in the terrain is demanding, and hikers must also cross the state border, so taking the alternative lowland route that follows the Cetina River is better and advised option. Another possibility is to take a hiking tour of one part of Svilaja. However, in this case we need to take into account the fact that a longitudinal tour is not possible, since the northern part of Svilaja was affected by war, and it is still not safe due to the consequences of military activities.
The route from the source of the Cetina River downstream towards the Peruča Lake and Sinjsko polje takes us along local roads (without much traffic on them). Therefore, we can take these roads on foot, or – even better – by bicycle. Peruča Lake is worth exploring along a little-known road leading along the lake on the eastern side (one section of that road is covered in gravel). From Rumin, we continue in the same direction towards Otok kod Sinja, where we reach the pilgrimage Route of Our Lady of Sinj.

  • Mountain hut Glavaš
  • Source of the Cetina River
  • (Vrlika)
  • Lake Peruča
  • Dragović monastery
  • Rumin
  • (Ravno Vrdovo)
  • (Svilaja)
  • Otok kod Sinja

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