Via Dinarica HR-W-27 Route of Our Lady of Sinj

Route of Our Lady of Sinj

Via Dinarica HR-W-27

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Route of Our Lady of Sinj is a pilgrimage trail used for centuries to access the largest pilgrimage site of Our Lady in southern Croatia on foot, from several directions. Every year, on the eve of the Assumption Day, in the nights from 8 until 15 August, thousands of pilgrims, especially young people, go on pilgrimage to the city of Sinj. The central religious ceremony is held on 15 August. Pilgrims reach their destination from several directions, but mostly from Solin from the south, and from Bosnia and Herzegovina from the north.
The pilgrimage to Sinj is taking place along the traditional walking paths, horse trails and the abandoned route of Rera – the railway that once operated in the area. The trail predominantly leads through picturesque areas rich in historical heritage. Fortresses, standing tombstones, hill forts, museums, sacral sites, remains of old paths and bridges, viewpoints and catering facilities serve as resting areas and as control points along the route. The Route of Our Lady of Sinj was renovated with financial support of the IPA Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina programme. The Route is marked by recognizable yellow-white markings placed along the way by hikers from Solin.
Via Dinarica reaches the Route of Our Lady of Sinj in the settlement of Otok kod Sinja, and follows the Route eastwards, towards Kamensko and Aržano, to the border crossing point Aržano – Prisika. Crossing of the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina marks the end of the Croatian section of the Via Dinarica White Line.

  • Otok kod Sinja
  • Grab
  • Krivodol
  • Ljut
  • Border crossing point Aržano – Prisika / crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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