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Via Dinarica HR-B-15

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Kozjak is a mountain with two completely different faces. On the littoral side, it resembles a mighty rocky barrier towering above the bay of Kaštelanski zaljev. On the mainland side, it takes the shape of an undulating plateau ending with a sharp edge. It is on the very edge of the plateau, on average 600 to 700 meters above sea level, where we come across the highest peaks of the mountain. The series of peaks begins at the mountain pass Malačka and spreads for 16 kilometers to Markezina greda at Klis. Via Dinarica is following the layout of the mountain of Kozjak as it connects Malačka with Klis, and the route then continues from there to the mountain of Mosor. On Kozjak, the route of Via Dinarica partially overlaps with the routes of hiking tours Cradle of Croatian Statehood and Soline Hiking Trail. The Via Dinarica route also visits the old hill fort of Klis – one of the most picturesque historical fortresses in Croatia.
Even though Kozjak is a single mountain massif, it can be divided into three parts: the western part with the peak of Sv. Ivan Biranj; the central part with the peak called Veli vrj; the eastern part with the peak of Sv. Juraj and the site of Markezina greda.
The littoral side of Kozjak above Kaštela is completely different compared to the continental side. The rocky wall of Kozjakova stijena spans along the entire length of the mountain, as one of the longest rock walls in Croatia. It is clearly visible from the city of Split, capturing attention and adding to the picturesque nature of the bay of Kaštelanski zaljev.
Good accessibility and transport links, short climbs and easy orientation make a visit to Kozjak an attractive and wonderful excursion, not only for hikers, but also for numerous tourists from the coastal area. Most of the trails are interesting due to diverse ways in which they overcome the rocky barrier of Kozjak, while offering views of the sea and of the area of Kaštela.

  • Malačka
  • Kozjak – Putalj
  • Markezina greda
  • Klis

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