Via Dinarica HR-B-19 Southeastern area of Biokovo (Rilić)

Southeastern area of Biokovo (Rilić)

Via Dinarica HR-B-19

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Although it is lower and separated from the central part of Biokovo, the mountain of Rilić is a natural southeastern extension of Biokovo. The mountain of Rilić spreads along the same northwest to southeast axis along the Adriatic coast as the Dinarides. A particularly pronounced relief feature is a series of rocky peaks spreading in the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic coast like a stone wall, making this section of the Makarska riviera stunningly picturesque. In the interior part of the mountain, there are several mountain slopes that are not particularly high, but serve as excellent viewpoints.
Unfortunately, the markings of the longitudinal Biokovo Hiking Trail that once linked these areas are mostly neglected today, so the only currently passable routes in the southeastern area of Biokovo are old paths that served to connect the coast with the hinterland in ancient times. Some of these paths are also marked. One such path starts from Zaostrog and passes through the hamlet of Despot and across the hill of Rilić on the way to Vrgorac. Another path starts from Podaca and leads across a picturesque hamlet called Selo to Podačko polje on Biokovo. The third path from Brist and the fourth path from Grac take hikers to the abandoned hamlet of Grnčenik, while the fifth available path leads to Staševica. We need to take one of these paths to climb from Duga njiva to Drveničke stine (near the peak of Sokolić), and then we descend to the littoral side. What follows is a section leading towards Gradac, which takes us above the settlement along the base of rocky terrain, along old trails, mostly without elevation changes. From Sveti Ilija, we need to descend to Gradac. Since there is no longer an available path from this peak to the series of lakes called Baćinska jezera, we need to pass the section from Gradac to Baćinska jezera and Ploče via the Adriatic tourist road.
Despite the relatively modest elevations of the southeastern part of Biokovo, it is important to bear in mind that this area is rather difficult for hiking due to karst terrain and the absence of natural protection against the sun. During the summer heat, climbs should therefore be completely avoided, while also paying attention to the danger posed by horned vipers.

  • Brikva
  • Sutvid (above Živogošće)
  • Sveti Ilija above Gradac
  • Baćinska jezera
  • Ploče

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