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Olja Latinović

Based in Sarajevo, Olja has been working in the Creative Industry for more than 6 years. Her passion for people, nature and wildlife and art got into one, the Via Dinarica. At the moment, she’s mainly focused on implementing Via Dinarica in Bosnia and Herzegovina and establishing network among different stakeholders in the region. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Librarianship and is a passionate about mountaineering and swimming/diving.


Bojan Divčić

Bojan was one of the coordinators of the first Jahorina Ultra trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is active mountaineer and trail runner. At the moment he’s involved with Terra Dinarica on editing and disseminating different information for Via Dinarica.


Alan Čaplar

Alan heads the Mountain Guide Station Zagreb and edits the Croatian Mountaineering Association’s (CMA) monthly magazine “Croatian Mountaineer”. He is well known in the region as author of 25 mountain guidebooks and mountain training handbooks published in Croatia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.


Dorijan Klasnić

Dorijan heads the Croatian Mountaineering Association’s Mountain Guide Commission and the CMA Mountain Guide Service, a cluster of 12 Mountain Guide Stations gathering over 1,200 guides in Croatia. A certified MG instructor, Dorijan is especially active in provision of Winter Mountaineering Training and Snowshoeing within his club, the PDS Velebit Zagreb.


Džana Bordanić

Džana holds BA in Ecology and is currently finishing her Master’s Degree in the same field. She’s been actively volunteering for Terra Dinarica focusing on Natura 2000, editing and disseminating information on Via DInarica project.


Sanja Korać

Sanja is Sarajevo based outdoor addict, enjoying all outdoor activities such as mountaineering, and swimming, skiing, alpinism. She holds her degree in Economic Studies. She is certified mountain guide and a member of Sarajevo Mountain Guide Station.


Elma Okić

Elma is a professional photographer from Sarajevo. She has spent the last 7 years working as both a full-time and freelance photographer and video producer for WWF based out of Switzerland. She is an avid climber and has travelled the world in search of the perfect rock. Her climbing and photography adventures have taken her to Nepal, India, China, Turkey, Greece, and Africa.


Catherine Bohne

Catherine went on holiday to Albania, and found a new home in the Valbona Valley where she is working to develop local tourism in summer, marking and mapping trails, helping with environmental research and working with the children of the valley in winter. She runs a website called “JourneytoValbona”.


Maria Hetman

Maria Hetman is a writer, editor and researcher, among other things. Her work in various sectors usually ties back to issues related to sustainability, the environment, and the Western Balkans. She has cooperated with Terra Dinarica as a blogger and editor. Maria has been in Bosnia since 2009, and is a lover of the amazing natural beauty and cultures of the region.


Valentina Futač

Valentina holds master degree in mathematics with specialization in finance and business mathematics. Passion for spending active time in nature (hiking, diving) resulted with leaving the banking sector and starting to deal with finances in nature protection sector engaging her in UNDP-GEF Project on protected areas.


Tim Clancy

Tim authored the Bradt Travel Guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Thomas Cook city guides to Tirana and Sarajevo, and a regional guide to Montenegro, Serbia and BiH. He currently works as a freelance writer and consultant for the likes of UNDP, EU, USAID and local governments in BiH. Tim’s passion and forte is community development and promoting those areas.


Gordan Papac

Gordan Papac, was born in Zagreb (Croatia). He graduated at the College of Architecture of University of Zagreb, as a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering. In the year 2005 Gordan started writing about mountains of the Dinaric Alps on the mountain platform. In the year 2006. Gordan, for the first time, came out in public (on with the idea of a long transversal trail through all the Dinaric Alps. At the same place he proposed a preliminary name Via Dinarica for this trail, and later also made the first (virtual) proposal of the route.


Željko Bagarić

Most of the time Željko is armed with all kinds of outdoor hardware and Via Dinarica software. He moves a lot between sandy beaches, rock faces, and snow and ice covered remote peaks. He is a member of  Mountain Guide Station Zagreb.


Adnan Bubalo

Adnan Bubalo is an award-winning landscape photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. His photographs have been published on Internet portals in almost all the countries around the globe – some of the more renowned were Weather Channel, The Huffington Post, National geographic Travel, Digital photographer magazin UK etc.


Kenan Muftić

Kenan is a Sarajevo-born mountaineer. He has lead expeditions and trekked in Nepal, Tajikistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Alps, the Caucuses, and Tanzania. He is a certified mountain guide and alpinist. Aside from his love and passion as a mountaineer and hiker he has been a demining dog trainer for almost two decades and has led dog demining missions on three continents for Norway’s Peoples Aid. Kenan knows the Western Balkans mountain region like the back of his hand and has trekked most of the peaks along the Via Dinarica. Kenan is a well-liked and strong leader, making him the perfect captain of this ship.