Via Dinarica HR-W-20 Gračac – Zrmanja – Krka

Gračac – Zrmanja – Krka

Via Dinarica HR-W-20

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The area between the southern slopes of Velebit and the city of Knin has extremely low population density, and the key element of the route is the D1 state road leading from Gračac to Knin. The railway line Zagreb – Split runs parallel to the road, but there are no other longitudinal communications, in particular no walking or hiking trails that would enable a simple tour of this long section. Mountaineers of Zagreb have recorded the GPS trace and thus electronically »marked« the southernmost area of Velebit (east of Crnopac); however, exploring this barely passable area can only be recommended to very experienced hikers. Therefore, we recommend cycling as the best way to cover the section 55 kilometers long from Gračac to Knin. Using the railway line can also offer an interesting experience in this section of the trail.
Particularly interesting sites in this section are the source of the Zrmanja River and the mountain of Poštak. Zrmanja springs from a source below a steep rock, immediately flowing as a big and powerful river. From the northwestern side, Poštak is capturing attention with its shape of a rocky cone rising out of rocky karst ground. However, from the southwestern side, one can see pretty clearly that the mountain is elongated and without a pronounced peak. On many maps, this mountain is marked as Kečina kosa, but hikers typically refer to it as Poštak. The mountain got this name [stemming from the Croatian word pošta denoting post] back in the times when post was exchanged below the mountain on the border between Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. In addition to wide vistas that it offers, the mountain is also interesting in hiking terms due to a park of unusual natural sculptures at the base of its peek. There is only one access to the site – a pleasant and balanced ascent from the Zrmanja railway station, providing a nice opportunity for an excursion (two and a half hours of climbing).
In the area north of Knin, one interesting area is the hilly terrain around the village of Oton, with beautiful views of the mountain of Dinara.

  • Cerovačke Caves
  • (Poštak)
  • Otrić
  • Source of the Zrmanja River
  • Pribudić / hill of Oton
  • Knin

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