Via Dinarica HR-W-24 Connection with the Livno route of Via Dinarica White Line

Connection with the Livno route of Via Dinarica White Line

Via Dinarica HR-W-24

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Due to the unique characteristics of the mountain of Dinara, which gave the entire Dinarides and the Via Dinarica trail its name, the White Line branches into three route options in the area of Dinara, from Knin to the southern edge of Kamešnica. From the hiking point of view, the most attractive option is the elevated Troglav route, leading along the peak zone of Dinara, Troglav and Kamešnica (the so-called »Operation Storm Trail«). In addition to the demanding terrain, the key problem along this particular optional route is the fact that one cannot cross the state border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina outside of designated border crossing points. Therefore, two other White Line options are available to hikers exploring Via Dinarica in the area of the Dinara mountain – the Livno route (across the mountain pass and border crossing point of Strmica), and the Cetina route of the White Line (down the Cetina River towards Sinjsko polje). The connection to the Livno route takes us uphill from Knin along the road leading to the Strmica border crossing point, where we enter Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the descent to Livanjsko polje, the Livno route of the White Line ascends from the Herzegovina side to the peak of Troglav, following the mountain ridge from there to the southeast, across the entire Troglav and Kamešnica zone.
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